TweenJS  0.3.0

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Class CSSPlugin

A TweenJS plugin for working with numeric CSS string properties (ex. top, left). To use simply call CSSPlugin.install() after TweenJS has loaded. You can adjust the CSS properties it will work with by modifying the cssSuffixMap property.


CSSPlugin ( )


cssSuffixMap - static Object

Defines the default suffix map for CSS tweens. This can be overridden on a per tween basis by specifying a cssSuffixMap value for the individual tween. The object maps CSS property names to the suffix to use when reading or setting those properties. For example a map in the form {top:"px"} specifies that when tweening the "top" CSS property, it should use the "px" suffix (ex. = "20.5px"). This only applies to tweens with the "css" config property set to true.

priority - protected static object

Used by TweenJS to determine when to call this plugin.



protected static void init ( )
Called by TweenJS when a new tween property initializes that this plugin is registered for.
Returns: void


static void install ( )
Installs this plugin for use with TweenJS. Call this once, after TweenJS is loaded to enable this plugin.
Returns: void


protected static void tween ( )
Called by TweenJS when a tween property advances that this plugin is registered for.
Returns: void