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Class Shape

Extends DisplayObject.
A Shape allows you to display vector art in the display list. It composites a Graphics instance which exposes all of the vector drawing methods. The Graphics instance can be shared between multiple Shape instances to display the same vector graphics with different positions or transforms. If the vector art will not change between draws, you may want to use the cache() method to reduce the rendering cost.
Defined in: Shape.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Constructs a new Shape instance.
Field Summary
Field Attributes Field Name and Description
The graphics instance to display.
Fields borrowed from class DisplayObject:
alpha, cacheCanvas, compositeOperation, id, mouseEnabled, name, onClick, onPress, parent, regX, regY, rotation, scaleX, scaleY, shadow, skewX, skewY, snapToPixel, visible, x, y
Methods borrowed from class DisplayObject:
cache, clone, draw, getConcatenatedMatrix, getStage, globalToLocal, hitTest, isVisible, localToGlobal, localToLocal, toString, uncache, updateCache
Class Detail
Constructs a new Shape instance.
Optional. The graphics instance to display. If null, a new Graphics instance will be created.
Field Detail
The graphics instance to display.

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